RNLI urges boaters to always wear lifejackets

Reaearch suggests only 42% of boaters wear lifejackets while on board

The RNLI has launched a campaign to get all boatowners to wear lifejackets on board after research revealed that although 98% of boaters own lifejackets, only 42% of them wear them whilst on their boats.

Throughout the summer, adverts like the one pictured will be used to get home the message that lifejackets are “useless unless worn”.

The RNLI says this recommendation is founded on the years of experience of its voluntary lifeboat crews, who know how unpredictable the sea can be.

The RNLI’s sea safety programmes manager Tony Wafer said: “We’re simply aiming to encourage more of the boating community to switch their risk assessment around and say ‘when should I take my lifejacket off?’ rather than ‘when should I put it on?’ because experience tells us that in an emergency there is not always time to make sure your lifejacket is securely and correctly fitted.”