RYA sets out guiding principles in new manifesto

For the first time, boating organisation puts in writing what it stands for

The Royal Yachting Association has published a manifesto for the first time, setting out in print exactly what the organisation stands for.

The manifesto has three central themes: promoting recreational boating; influencing legislation that may impact boating; and resisting legislation that may adversely impact recreational boating.

The RYA said the manifesto had been published in answer to calls from clubs and members requesting that it articulate its principles more clearly.

Gus Lewis
, the RYA’s head of government affairs, said: “What we have written in the manifesto is not new. They have been our guiding principles for a long time.

“We want to be able to make sure that they and you understand what it is that we stand for and what it is that we are doing on your behalf.”

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