‘Satnav’ boater rescued from Thames Estuary

A boater tried to use a car satnav to navigate the Thames

A man ran aground after using a car satnav to guide his 32ft Myra Two motorcruiser along the Thames.

He was rescued from Holehaven Creek, near Canvey Island in Essex, shortly after setting off down the Thames Estuary on Sunday (2 May 2010).

A spokesman for the coastguard told The Telegraph that the boat had “no charts, no flares, no functioning radio” and that the man was navigating using a “car satnav system”.

The boat was towed into the docks on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.

Last week coastguards rescued another man after he ran out of fuel circling the Isle of Sheppey. He believed he could navigate around the British coastline with no navigational aids, except for a road map, as long as he kept the land on his right.