Sealine announces big changes to model names across range

Sealine brings names in line with boats' actual LOA

Sealine has announced big changes to its boat line-up, rebadging its range to bring the model names more in line with the boats’ actual length.

As of this week, the following changes will be made:

– SC35 (38ft 10in) will become the S380
– SC42 (45ft 7in) will become the S450
– F42 (45ft 8in) will become the F450
– C48 (50ft 8in) will become the C490
– F48 (50ft 8in) will become the F490
– The F37 (to be launched this autumn) will become the F380

The largest Sealine models, the T50 and T60, will retain their names.

Sealine boss Bill Griffiths said: “It provides an important opportunity to offer consistency across all of our markets and brings to an end any confusion over the true size of each of our models.

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“This initiative is part of a continuing programme of repositioning Sealine in line with our growing range of high quality, high spec and engineered innovative luxury motor boats.

“We have added new finishes and materials across all our ranges as well as some unique features which we believe offer today’s boater something that is truly different. I believe this new badging will help to redefine us further in our new direction.”

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