Shark spotted in Suffolk

Smooth-hound shark spotted 10 miles in land

A shark has been spotted swimming in a river on the Suffolk/Essex border. Jody Gibbons spotted a fin above the water in the River Stour near Manningtree and managed to take a video on his mobile phone (see below).
Hound sharks are often spotted in British waters, although tend to prefer deeper waters of at least 50m. They are called hound sharks because they are usually found hunting together, like a pack of dogs.
David Warner, commodore from the nearby Stour Sailing Club, said, ‘We have had sharks in the lowest point of the river before but not up where it was seen.’
According to the Shark Trust there are 35 species of shark that can be found around the coastal waters of Britain.
This isn’t the first time a Smooth-hound shark has been spotted inland. In June, two Chinese men were caught trying to capture a shark that was stuck in a tidal storm drain.