Shelley Jory is injured in powerboat race in Malta

The powerboat racer is recovering at home in Southampton after her boat was hit by an "unusual" wave

The British Power Boat Champion Shelley Jory (now Jory-Leigh) has been hurt after her boat was hit by a large wave during the final of the Malta Grand Prix.


Jory-Leigh was in the ninth lap when she lost control of her racing boat, Spirit of Belgium,  after a wave smashed into the hull. The boat was travelling at around 87mph and Jory-Leigh’s co-driver, Patrick Huybreghts, was thrown out into the path of Metamarine and Seagull Chaudron.

Jory-Leigh immediately radioed for assistance and both she and Huybreghts were taken to hospital where they were treated for bruises.

Jory-Leigh, who is now recovering at home in Southampton told the BBC, “We were lucky to walk away.”

“Unfortunately it was just a very unusual wave. We call it hooking – you catch the wrong wave at the wrong time. It literally hooks you and you get thrown side-to-side. I was tossed around like a rag doll.”