The powerboat racer is recovering at home in Southampton after her boat was hit by an "unusual" wave

The British Power Boat Champion Shelley Jory (now Jory-Leigh) has been hurt after her boat was hit by a large wave during the final of the Malta Grand Prix.


Jory-Leigh was in the ninth lap when she lost control of her racing boat, Spirit of Belgium,  after a wave smashed into the hull. The boat was travelling at around 87mph and Jory-Leigh’s co-driver, Patrick Huybreghts, was thrown out into the path of Metamarine and Seagull Chaudron.

Jory-Leigh immediately radioed for assistance and both she and Huybreghts were taken to hospital where they were treated for bruises.

Jory-Leigh, who is now recovering at home in Southampton told the BBC, “We were lucky to walk away.”

“Unfortunately it was just a very unusual wave. We call it hooking – you catch the wrong wave at the wrong time. It literally hooks you and you get thrown side-to-side. I was tossed around like a rag doll.”