Shelley Jory moves up to P1

Popular Southampton driver steps up

Shelley Jory will compete in the P1 Offshore Championship this season as driver alongside American team owner and throttleman Nigel Hook aboardLucas Oil. The pair, pictured, will compete in 14 fixtures in the P1 Evolution class.

Shelley, who previously won the Honda Formula 4-Stroke Championship, is the first women to enter the Evolution class. She will be driving the Mercury powered Skater V399 Superboat, which with over 1400hp of Mercury engines is arguably one of the fastest in the series.

She has also announced that will be a her new sponsorship partner This company specialises in lean manufacturing consultancy which the new team hope will teach them Japanese “lean” techniques to improve their performance in the pit area and boat preparation.

Nigel Hook, said, “P1 is to boat racing as F1 is to auto racing. It is a true international Championship, presenting racers from around the world, competes on four continents and is televised globally to over 400 million homes. I believe Shelley has the perfect credentials to race in P1. She has proven herself consistently in the highly competitive Honda series and is unrivalled at promoting her sponsors.”

Shelley Jory is delighted to have been signed by Nigel and theLucas Oilteam.
“I plan to capitalise on all I have learnt from the hot competition in Honda Formula 4-Stroke over the past four years. With Nigel’s skill and confidence I’m positive we are the perfect team to go hunting for a world championship!”