Smell like a Riva man

"For men of unconventional elegance, originality and refinement"

You may not be a Riva owner, but for a few dollars less you can at least smell like one.

The luxury Italian marque have launched their third cologne and confidently say it “charms, due to its innate class”.

The first two Riva perfumes are Follia di Aquarama and L’Altra Folia. “They are already a must have among the lovers of the brand from all over the world,” say Riva.

The new fragrance is called Rivarama and boasts “refined packaging with the bottle surmounted by a chrome capsule reproducing the wheel of the mythic yacht”.

It comes in a handmade case personalised with the Riva logo.

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Riva say: “A fragrance for men whose unconventional elegance, originality and refinement immediately remind of the contemporary gentlemen’s world. Just as Rivarama charms thanks to its innate class and its consciously aloof style, made by elegance and sobriety, this new jewel enters the Riva world to renew the emotions stirred up by the mythic yachts.”