Steel boat proves its mettle in boat hoist collapse

Incredible pictures showing what happens when the leg of a 50-tonne travel hoist falls down a manhole

This is what happens when you drive a 50-tonne travel hoist carrying a big steel boat over a manhole cover.

The accident happened earlier this month at Dean & Reddyhoff’s new flagship marina in Portland, Dorset.

The boat, believed to be a Linssen 410, was being lifted back into the water by the brand new travel hoist when the entire apparatus collapsed after one of its legs fell down a manhole.

The steel boat’s hull was damaged, but we can’t help wondering how much worse it would have been had it been a GRP boat in the lift.

The manhole has since been filled with concrete, James Beaver from Dean & Reddyhoff told MBM, and insurers are working to satisfy all parties.

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