Stranded boat prompts wide reader response

MBY readers show their sympathetic side

Our request for information about a motorboat stranded at a Mallorcan lighthouse provoked a strong response from MBY online readers – in the form of an impromptu caption competition.

The craft was photographed recently by an MBY reader near a lighthouse at Punta Salinas at the southern tip of Mallorca.

Among the sympathetic responses we received were:

“Who the hell left that water that water ski jump out there?”

“I hit a lampost on me bike last week so I thought I should be able to do this, but I missed.”

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The skipper says: “See that flashing light, that’s a lighthouse, just keep heading for it.”

“It looks like someone set the autopilot on a course towards ‘that bright flashing light on the horizon’ and fell asleep.”

“The Spanish have a new regulation for motor boaters that the closer you park to a lighthouse the safer your boat will be.”

But as one reader points out: “There but for the grace of God go I, and many more like me!”

We hope the owners of the boat are safe and well.