Stunning photos from Egret’s adventure

Scott and Mary Flanders have sent MBM some snaps from their voyage to Cape Horn

For the last couple of months, MBM has been following Scott and Mary Flanders on their epic journey from Gibraltar to New Zealand in their Nordhavn 46.

The couple have made it to Cape Horn, and have sent MBM a CD full of incredible images from their journey. To see just what they’ve been getting up to, head to MBM’s Flickr site where we’ve uploaded some of their snaps.

They plan to eventually arrive at their ultimate destination of New Zealand towards the end of 2008. They originally planned to make it to New Zealand by the end of 2007, but the lure of the Chilean fjords proved too much, and the couple will spend another season cruising the bottom of the world.

Remember too you can join MBM’s Flickr group . It’s called ‘Motorboating’ and is a great way to share photos of your boat and some of the places you’ve visited.

Photo: Voyage of Egret

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