Suffolk Yacht Harbour unveils East Anglia’s largest hoist

The new 75-tonne hoist at Suffolk Yacht Harbour is the largest between Bridlington and the Solent

Large boat owners looking for a lift-out on the east coast have been given a new option, thanks to a new Wise hoist unveiled recently at Suffolk Yacht Harbour.

The extra-large hoist can handle craft weighing up to 75 tonnes, making it the largest between Bridlington and the Solent.

Compatible with vessels measuring up to 25m x 7.6m (82ft x 25ft), the hoist is large enough to handle motorcats, such as the offshore windfarm support vessel pictured above.

Andy Goss of Excel Marine Services, whose Catfish 47 needed rudder repair work, said: “Up until now, I couldn’t find anyone around here with a hoist able to lift her.”

The new remote-control hoist at the harbour features non-pop tyres and load cells to ensure a perfectly balanced lift.

Suffolk Yacht Harbour also features a 60-tonne hoist, as well as around 600 berths, and is running a Yacht Fair open weekend later this month (24-26 October).

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