Super termites feast on motorboat

A classic motorboat has been attacked by a vicious strain of termites

Super termites have been found eating a 60ft motorboat in a Florida boatyard. Several nests were found aboard the wooden fishing boat while it lay ashore for refit at the yard in St Augustine.

Pest control experts called to evict the creatures were shocked to find that they were dealing with Formosan super termites capable of devouring a 2ft by 4ft piece of wood in just three weeks. “They started rattling their heads, sounded like Rice Krispies,” Mike Smith, told First Coast News. “As soon as we started taking a nest out they started attacking us.”

Formosan super termites swarm in colonies numbering up to seven million, and one termite queen can lay 2000 eggs a day, creating a full-scale colony in just three years. It’s lucky that the termites have so far displayed no desire for the taste of GRP!