Suzuki explains TV explorer Monty Halls’ new Humber RIB

Humber RIBs and Suzuki Marine have teamed up to provide a new RIB for TV presenter, explorer and marine biologist Monty Halls

TV explorer Monty Halls will be taking to the water for his next series of expeditions, with the help of Suzuki Marine and Humber RIBs.

The Great Escape presenter has taken delivery of a new 7.5m Humber Inflatables expedition RIB, which he will use to explore some of the more remote marine environments around the UK.

Currently powered by Suzuki’s DF1275TG outboard, Monty’s new RIB Odyssey will be upgraded to the new Suzuki DF200AP keyless start model when it is launched later in the year.

The RIB itself has been specifically kitted out with bespoke features to suit Monty’s needs, particularly scuba diving.

The 48-year-old said of his new motorboat: “The performance of the outboard is phenomenal. It provides power, fuel efficiency and a huge amount of reassurance which when exploring new dive locations is invaluable.”

Monty has already taken to the water to test out his new Humber RIB, crossing the Menai strait in Anglesey to explore the island of Llanddwyn with his wife and two daughters.

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