A-Z of RIBs: Everything you need to know about rigid inflatable boats

When people ask me to recommend them a first boat I usually point in the direction of a RIB, writes MBY Deputy Editor Jack Haines.

For beginners, the safety and practicality of a rigid inflatable boat make perfect sense, not to mention the fact that when it comes to the tricky subject of berthing practice you can bounce around the marina in what is essentially an enormous fender.

The modern RIB, however, is a world away from its humble roots as a training vessel and knockabout workhorse favoured by the emergency services.

In this special guide, which aims to put all the key information about the biggest names in the RIB business into one easily digested buying guide, you will see not only the incredible amount of choice in this sector but also the quality, style and searing performance on offer.

With many more people looking to start boating in 2021, hopefully this is the perfect time for us to present the best that RIBs can offer.

From aluminium Sur Marine tenders to six-figure Scorpion superyacht chasers, this guide has them all. I hope you enjoy it.

Our A-Z RIB guide is brought to you in association with Pantaenius.