Boaty McTruckface? Swedish engineer creates unique boat-truck hybrid

Swedish truck engineer Jürgen Paugart spent six weeks converting an old steel-hulled logging boat into a 36ft DIY tugboat with the aid of a recycled truck cab.

The wheelhouse comes straight off a Scania G-Series lorry, while the engine is a 280hp Scania DS11 marine diesel, which delivers a max speed of 12 knots and a range of 240nm at an eight-knot chug.

Initially, the cab’s original steering wheel was hooked up to the rudder, but it was too low geared, so the steering has been converted to an electro-hydraulic joystick system.

The pilothouse cab comes complete with the original dashboard and air-suspension seats on the inside while the outside features the original windscreen wipers, wing mirrors, spotlights and air horns.

There’s even an automotive-style reversing camera and monitor system.

Named Harald, the vessel was built to tow the couple’s barge-based houseboat, but it also includes a double berth for use as a weekend leisure boat.

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The owners have bought a home in Spain, so the quirky tug has been listed for sale with an asking price of 150,000 SEK (circa £13,000).