Thames squatters evicted from Raven’s Ait

A group of squatters who were trying to set up an eco conference centre on the Thames were evicted today

A group of people that have been illegally occupying Raven’s Ait Island, near Surbiton on the Thames, were forcibly removed today.

The group, which had hoped to set up an eco conference centre , moved on to the island in February after the previous occupants of the buildings on the island – a wedding venue company – went bust.

The group made the most of their time on the island, holding weekly music jams, talking circles and yoga sessions but today, it seemed, the party was over. This morning High Court enforcement officers, acting on behalf of Kingston Council, implemented a County Court Order to evict 23 squatters, with the support of the Metropolitan Police.

The group had planned to hold a new media conference on the island this weekend but they now have to find a new venue.

The full story will appear in June’s MBM.

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