The first Swedish seagull toilet

A Swedish marina trials an inventive solution to prevent seagulls from messing up boats

Operators of a Swedish marina have come up with a new idea to stop gulls messing on boats and pontoons – give them their very own jetty.

Karlstad Municipality plans to moor a dedicated ‘gull jetty’ outside the marina in the hope that the birds will congregate and leave their droppings there.

The avian toilet platform has already been built and is due to be towed into place on Lake Vänern, Sweden’s largest lake, later this week.

“We have tried normal measures, like scarecrows and such like, but the birds get used to it and carry on as normal”, said Municipality official Jens Gustafsson.

“We have built a platform – the gulls like to sit and enjoy the view – and we hope that this will solve the problem”, he said.