The lobbying begins

The Seamaster Club is urging its members to pressure MEPs to take on red diesel fight

The Seamaster Club is urging its members to write to their MEPs and put to them the case for saving red diesel.

The Club, founded in 1992, acts as an information source for Seamaster owners, and is concerned the loss of the low-duty fuel would drive many of its members off the water.

It has sent a standard letter to all its 500-plus members and asked them to sign and send.

The letter highlights the economic implications that would result if the low-duty fuel were lost, and reminds the recipient that Seamasters are not “gin palaces”, as their value is the same as that of most family cars.

One MEP that has already declared his intention to fight to save red diesel is James Elles, one of 10 MEPs for the South East.

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You can read all about his pledge, and his meeting with MBM in April’s issue of the magazine, on sale 16 March.

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