Thermal imaging Sunseeker

FLIR thermal imaging now offered on largest yachts

Sunseeker skippers will now be able to see in the dark thanks to a partnership with FLIR Vision Systems.

FLIR have fitted thermal imaging cameras on 34 metre and 37 metre yachts as well as an 86 Yacht and a Predator 72.

Not only a boon at night, where the cameras can get a crisp picture even in complete darkness, but the equipment can also see through fog and smoke. The cameras are also useful in ‘man overboard’ and piracy situations.

There are two systems, the Systems Voyager and the Systems Naviagtor, the former uses two cameras, one for scanning a wide field of view and the other for zooming in on possible threats. The Systems Navigator is for smaller vessels and works by using a fixed camera with a pan and tilt option, manually controlled by the skipper.

Paul Rees sales director of Ships Electronic Services, a distributor for FLIR says: “Traditionally, thermal imaging cameras were extremely expensive but this changed when FLIR entered the maritime market.

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“When I introduced FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras to Sunseeker, they were immediately enthusiastic. The technology was known to them but they were surprised by the high quality thermal images that are delivered by the Navigator and Voyager.”