Thief thwarted by boating blunder

It was a case of daylight robbery as a hapless thief tried to make off in a fishing boat in south Wales yesterday

This was the scene yesterday when members of the Porthcawl RNLI in south Wales had to rescue a fishing boat after a hapless thief tried to make off in it in broad daylight.

Shortly before, boaters had watched in amazement as a man dressed in a red fisherman’s suit boarded an Orkney Fastliner 19,Osprey, and attempted to steal it.

According to witnesses the man had taken the boat’s cover off, thrown his fishing gear in and boarded it. He started the motor but it soon became clear that he had no idea what he was doing and the craft was seen hitting the harbour wall several times.

When other boatowners challenged the man about what he was doing he asserted that he was the owner before fleeing the boat and trying to make a run for it.

Porthcawl lifeboat operations manager, Philip Missen said, “I am relieved the crew were only recovering a small craft that had been set adrift within the shelter of Porthcawl’s breakwater. I am sure this incident would have been far more serious had the thief made it out to sea.”

The man was arrested and later released without charge. The owner has been notified and there is thought to be some minor damage to the boat.