Thundercats to compete in Portimao

Thundercats will compete alongside the final P1 world championship rounds

Thundercats will be in Portimao next weekend as a part of the final rounds of the P1 world championships racing within metres of Nikki Beach.

This smallest racing class competes over a tight course which can be very exciting for spectators. This Portuguese event will be based on a 400 metre x 200 metre ‘M’ circuit that has five turn buoys including a chicane. Design, development and technical input has led to a new breed of quality boats with racing pedigrees that reach extreme speeds and out manoeuvre any other waterborne boat of similar size.

Each outfit has a driver and co-driver with the latter ensuring the boat does not lift vertically or flip by moving their body to redistribute weight. Not a job for the feint hearted but fascinating to watch. Their low power-to-weight ratio also means Thundercats are light and nimble. Hence in rough conditions they can leap up to four metres off the surface.

The International Thundercats series has been supporting the Powerboat P1 World Championship around Europe since the 2006 season.