Too Short a Stay

The fleet makes the most of its one night in Goes

Apologies for the lateness of this report. We had unexpected computer problems – it fell on the floor and stopped working.

Tuesday 15th August

Day 11

Position – Goes

51°32′. 249 N 003°55′. 373 E

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The fleet made it to what many consider the highlight of the trip today – the town of Goes. But we can’t stay. The weather has panned out like Kim predicted, and to avoid some nasty weekend wind in the Channel, we’ll be making for Nieuwpoort tomorrow, ready for the trip back to Ramsgate on Thursday.

It just hasn’t quite worked out for us. But that won’t be on crews’ minds tonight as they head into town to take it all in. The local harbourmaster, a long-time friend of MBM, cleared out the basin in the centre of town for the fleet, and quite a sight it makes. There’s also a funfair here, so the younger crewmembers won’t get too bored as their parents take advantage of the town’s restaurants.

The approach to Goes is interesting. The fleet had to wind down a long canal, wait for three bridges to be lifted, and squeeze between a few very narrow piles. All this before making a 180 degree turn in the basin itself and coming alongside. Bow thrusters boiled the water.

Tomorrow it’s Nieuwpoort. And then it’s home.