Trader MD Tony Chappell comments

'I am optimistic for the future of the brand'

Trader MD Tony Chappell has spoken exclusively to MBY about appointing administrators at his firm.

He says: “Like many in the yachting industry, the banking crisis of autumn 2008 caused a reduction in new boat orders, which has led to the current situation.

“However, along with the first indicators of economic recovery, interest in new boat orders has increased in the second quarter of 2009.

“Obviously I feel disappointed that a business that has been so
successful for more than thirty years is now in a position where it must be restructured in order to move forward.

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“But I remain optimistic for the future of Trader, as it is one of the most innovative and popular UK cruising yacht brands.”

He promised it was far from the end of the Trader marque: “I would like to thank the customers and staff who have supported Trader over the years, making it one of the UK’s top cruising yacht brands.

“I am optimistic for the future of the brand, which has two exciting new Trader models scheduled for launch this summer.”

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