Trusty construction to resume after Windboats buyout

The immediate future of Trusty Motor Boats has been secured after Windboats bought the name and the moulds for the T23 and T28

Trusty Motor Boats has been saved from liquidation, after Windboats bought the rights and the moulds for the T23 and T28 models.

The range was due to be discontinued following financial problems, but Windboats stepped in to save the brand at a liquidation meeting earlier this month (1 September).

The Norfolk manufacturer had taken over construction and moulding of the Trusty collection earlier this year and began work on three models.

But production ground to a halt in August, putting the future of the range at risk and leaving two half-built boats.

Oliver James, managing director of Windboats, told MBY that he was keen to keep this range going.

“We were trying to minimise our losses and the logical thing to do was to buy the brand and the moulds so that we could continue the two boats we currently have under construction,” he said.

“In the meantime we will continue to sell the T23 and T28. They are good boats and if there are tweaks to be made, we will make them better. We are looking forward to bringing them to future boat shows.”

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