Turkish authorities crack down on grey water dumping

Boats cruising in Turkish waters could face fines and even impounding if they are spotted dumping grey water

Motorboaters cruising in Turkish waters without grey water tanks run the risk of a fine or having their vessel impounded, it has been confirmed.

Following numerous reports of a crackdown on grey waste dumping off the coast of Turkey, the Cruising Association has contacted the local authorities.

Batur Kumbaki, a Turkish government officer based at Didim Marina, told the organisation that fines of around $1,000 (£590) could be levied against offending boatowners.

Many countries have outlawed the dumping of black water to avoid sewage contamination, but the Turkish ruling means that boats can no longer dispose of washing-up, shower and deck cleaning water directly into the sea.

A spokeswoman for Didim Marina added that the law has been in force for a year, but prosecution has only just begun, with spotter planes being sent out to catch offenders.

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The Cruising Association also sought clarification on the licence requirements for Turkish waters.

Authorities confirmed that skippers must hold an Amateur Seaman’s Certificate or an International Certificate of Competence, or face a similarly large fine.