US Navy sinks British veteran Falklands ship

A former British naval vessel, originally known as the Stromness and use in the Falklands War, has been sunk off the coast of North Carolina in the US

Gunfire and missiles have

sunk a former British naval vessel that took part in the Falklands war.


warships used the Saturn, which until 1983 was the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA)

Stromness, for target practice last week off the coast of North Carolina.


carried members of 45 Commando and more than 2750 tons of equipment to the

South Atlantic and was the first RFA vessel to enter Falkland Sound on 21 May

1982 for the landings. She remained in San Carlos Water for six days, often

under severe air attack, and returned with more troops and equipment early the

following month before sailing for the UK.

Stromness was sold to the US Navy

the following year and was used by the US Naval Service as a combat stores ship

until being decommissioned in 2009. 

The SinkEx (Sinking Exercise) was carried out by cruisers and destroyers

from the George H W Bush Carrier Strike Group using Harpoon anti-ship missiles

and other weapons.