Venture Cup looking for volunteer patrol boats

Opportunity for boaters to get involved in historic powerboat race

The RYA is insisting the Solent is “santised” for the start of the Venture Cup next year, with boats patrolling each side of the course warning others that the race was under way.

The association said it was concerned that many water users might not be aware that a large fleet of high-performance craft would be on the water on June 8, 2013.

Those patrolling could only offer warnings, however, as only the Coastguard and harbour authorities have the authority to stop skippers

heading into danger.

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But acting as a patrol boat might be a good and inexpensive way of taking part in what is likely to be the greatest offshore event for over 40 years.

Crews will be in contact with race officials by radio and able to fly

the dedicated race patrol flag. Organisers are looking for as many as 50 boats to spread along the Solent


Those interested in offering their help should contact Mike Lloyd at

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