Venture Cup powerboat race goes carbon neutral

Organisers of race to Guernsey and France working with NCI (UK) to offset all emissions from race

The Venture Cup Prologue, the warm-up event for next year’s powerboat race to Monte Carlo from London, is going to be completely carbon neutral, organisers have announced.

The team behind the event, which kicks off in just a few weeks and will see around 15 high-powered boats race from the centre of London to Guernsey and France before returning to Bournemouth, is working with offsetting partner CNI UK to make sure the race has no adverse environmental impact.

CNI, whose clients include McClaren Mercedes and Newcastle United, said carbon offsets are achieved through projects like renewable energy production and carbon sequestration in forests.

“These projects provide essential capital to finance cutting-edge green technology across the globe, which would not have existed without offsetting,” the company said.

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The Venture Cup Prologue will kick off on Saturday June 8, when a fleet of some of the most powerful boats afloat will muster for the official parade down the Thames before hitting the throttles off Southend.

From June 6-7, there will be a ‘powerboat village’ set up at Wood Wharf in the heart of London, where people will be able to view all the boats on the hard and drink and eat from one of the food and beverage stands.

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