Vintage car rally joins Venture Cup race to Monte Carlo

Auto event to run alongside Cowes to Monte Carlo offshore race

Organisers of next year’s Venture Cup have announced that an additional attraction will become a part of the offshore event between Cowes and Monte Carlo – a vintage car rally.

A partnership has been formed with H&H Classic Rallies to add additional activity along the European route while not being in competition with the offshore race itself.

H&H has over 12 years’ experience in running car rallies, so is well placed to make the challenging Venture Cup Rally a success.

Its route will closely follow the course of the offshore racers with car drivers aiming for the same daily marina venues.

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But it’s not certain that competitors travelling by road, particularly in the more remote regions of Spain and Portugal, will be able to maintain a similar schedule to those on the sea.

Modern offshore racing boats are capable of maintaining high average speeds between 70 and 80mph especially in calm sea conditions.

They will also be driving a more direct route and the only balance in favour of the rally will be when conditions deteriorate offshore.

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