Vote for the world’s most beautiful cruising destination!

One lucky voter will win a gift voucher to spend of boaty goods

Motor Boat & Yachting has teamed up with C-MAP by Jeppersen to find the most beautiful place in the world to visit by boat.

You can vote for your favourite destination on C-MAP’s Smart Navigation blog, or suggest your own destinations in the comments below, or by emailing

One lucky voter will win a $360 gift voucher to spend at online chandlery

Voting will be open until February 18, with the top destination and winner of the gift voucher named shortly after the completion of the Miami Boat Show.

See the top 10 destinations suggested by C-MAP by Jeppersen below, and remember to vote for your own if your favourite doesn’t appear.

Florida Keys

French Polynesia

The Galapagos

Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles

Gulf of Thailand


The Azores

British Virgin Islands
Cape Verde Islands

Whitsunday Islands

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