VSV Mary Slim cruises Portland to Rockall in 53 hours

The 72-footer has completed the 1,400nm round-trip in just over two days, the RYA has confirmed

Even though it was launched seven years ago, VSV Mary Slim is still impressing us.

This 72ft wave-piercing vessel has recently completed an epic voyage across the North Atlantic, clocking up 1,422nm in 53 hours 29 minutes and 52 seconds.

The RYA-monitored voyage saw Richard Reddyhoff and his crew maintain an average speed of 26.6 knots for more than two days over the long weekend of 14-16 June.

As if this feat wasn’t staggering enough, the £1.8m powerboat was able to do this without refuelling its mammoth 14,000-litre fuel tank.

This gives it a fuel consumption rate of less than 57.7 gallons per hour – not bad for a 1,750 hp V12 twin turbocharged Caterpillar engine, paired with a Rolls Royce Kamewa water jet.

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The journey to the remote Atlantic outcrop of Rockall would intimidate many skippers, but the crew of Mary Slim could rest easy, knowing that even the windscreen has been designed to withstand five tonnes of water pressure.

We can’t wait to hear what this intrepid skipper and his vessel get up to on their next weekend blast.