Want to buy a warship?

Military ships up for grabs after government cuts

More than a dozen Royal Navy warships will be offered for sale over the next three years as a result of the Government’s Strategic Defence Review. They include the aircraft carrier Ark Royal, either her sister ship Illustrious or the helicopter carrier Ocean, four frigates and five destroyers.

Wealthy entrepreneurs may consider following the example of two of their fellows who are currently having two former Dutch Navy frigates converted to super yachts. Foreign governments are among those more likely to be interested, however, with recent Royal Navy disposals including sales to Chile and Bangladesh.

The four frigates to be paid off are Campbeltown, Chatham, Cornwall and Cumberland, while the destroyers are Liverpool, Edinburgh, Gloucester, Manchester and York. Also going under the hammer will be a minehunter and a Royal Fleet Auxiliary ‘Bay’-class landing ship, the latter less than five years old.