Waterbuoy continues to make waves

Keyring that inflates if its hits the water

The floating keyring Waterbuoy is continuing to pick up plaudits, the latest at the BBEx show in Bournemouth where inventor James Halliburton was handed the Dyer Burdett Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award by a panel of boating industry experts.

Waterbuoy is a keyring with an integrated balloon that inflates if its hits the water, saving the keys, GPS, binoculars or whatever is attached from sinking.

The product initially won support on BBC2’s TV show Dragons’ Den.

After receiving the BBEx show, the 27-year-old said: “I’m thrilled. Waterbuoy has taken over my life for the last three years but it’s all been worthwhile.

“There are moments when you wonder what on earth you are getting yourself into, but it’s always reassuring when the final product makes such a good impression in the target market.”