Readers have voted for their favourite boating gadgets.

The Motor Boats Monthly online newsdesk was inundated with nominations for the greatest ever marine gadget.

We asked for your vote after a US survey saw the Apple Powerbook 100 named as the greatest gadget of all time.

Unsurprisingly, when it came to naming the best ever marine inventions, you gave the first commercially-available Global Positioning System a fair few mentions.

Also riding high among more than 100 nominations were the depth-sounder, the winch and the auto-pilot.

But the winner? The humble chart.

As one reader wrote: “It does a good job of telling you where you are, understanding all those symbols and calculations makes you feel like a proper salt and it never sems to tire of protecting the chart table from coffee stains.”

The top 10:

1. Chart.

2. GPS.

3. Compass.

4. Depth-sounder.

5. Auto-pilot.

6. Winch.

7. Pulley block.

8. On-board WC.

9. On-board heater.

10. Bunk.

Finally, thankyou to the reader who sent this nomination to Motor Boats Monthly’s survey: “Er??a long pole which you put upright on the deck and tie a large piece of some strong kind of cloth to?..I think its called a mast and sail?.advantages?that noisy engine goes very quiet?and you still keep going.”