What now Skipper?

What would you do in this situation?

You’re returning to your regular mooring inside a harbour that has a narrow entrance and a notorious bar. You have planned your return for an hour before sunset at the end of August, which that day is low water plus one hour. In fine weather this gives you a comfortable 1.5m beneath the keel of your 40ft shaftdrive cruiser as you pass over the bar. But as you near the entrance it becomes clear that the wind, which has been gradually picking up strength during your return passage, has also backed more than expected. It is now blowing an offshore Force 4. The wind-against-tide is already producing a nasty sea as you approach the harbour with standing waves that you guess are around a metre or more high. Should you go in now before conditions get worse, divert, or wait for more water? It’s your call, skipper. Email your answer to paul_ashton@ipcmedia.com