What now Skipper?

What would you do?

You and your girlfriend are enjoying a trip along a fairly remote coastline about five miles offshore in your 45ft flybridge cruiser. The weather is fine and the nearest safe haven is your home port 30 miles away.

You realise that your partner, who went down to the galley for some ‘supplies’ has been gone rather a long time. You call her on the intercom but get no reply. Putting the boat on autopilot, you go down to check that’s she’s okay, only to find her lying unconscious on the cockpit sole.

You turn her over gently to find that she’s obviously broken an arm and there’s a trickle of blood from one ear. You immediately make a Mayday call to the Coastguard, who say that a helicopter will be with you in 15 minutes. What now, skip?

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