Win Southampton Boat Show tickets with MS Amlin

Help the search to find the best boat names and win tickets to the 2017 Southampton Boat Show

Boat owners are being asked to help in the hunt to find the best boat names and, in doing so, can win tickets to the 2017 Southampton Boat Show.

Insurance specialists MS Amlin, formerly Haven Knox-Johnston, is offering complimentary tickets to the show in return for boaters photographing the best boat names they see and submitting them to the Boat-Zone website.

The idea was prompted by the insurance firm’s own name change.

Keith Lovett, MS Amlin’s senior underwriter, says: “Names are really important – people only give a name to things they really care about: children, their home, pets and, of course, boats!

“We’re proud to call ourselves MS Amlin which got us thinking about also celebrating boat names. So we are asking boat owners for stories or photos about boat names, not necessarily their own, and we’ll be giving away
Southampton Boat Show tickets each month for the best or funniest name, photo or story.”