Yacht club lays claim to ‘new island’ in the Solent

Royal Southern sets out in three RIBs on lowest tide of the year ion search for land

The Royal Southern Yacht Club has laid claim to a new island in the Solent that was revealed by the lowest tide of the year.

The shingle land mass forms part of the constantly shifting Singles Bank, which is found in the western edge of the Needles Channel and dries during extremely low tides.

Motor Boat & Yachting | Royal Southern Yacht Club

The team from the yacht club set out in three RIBs to take a look at the bank and happened across a truly mighty new island jutting from the sea.

They’ve named the island Southern Land, and planted a pennant on top to secure their rights to this new territory.

Plans are now being formulated to make the landing an annual event, like the Bramble Bank cricket match that takes place in the middle of the Solent.

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