Yarmouth Harbour’s historic pier opened to large yachts

Yarmouth Harbour has announced that large yachts will be able to dock at the end of one of the oldest and longest wooden piers in the UK

The 190-metre pier was opened in July 1876, but suffered collisions and damage during its 135-year history.

In 1975 the pier was listed as a Grade Two structure, but by 1980 it needed complete restoration.

In 2007 a £45,000 grant was obtained from the Heritage Lottery Fund to rescue the pier from the piles being eaten by gribble and shipworm.

The new piles are made from Greenheart timber, one of the hardest tropical hardwoods, but will still require replacement every 15-20 years.

More than £1.4m of improvements have taken place this year all together at Yarmouth, including walk-ashore pontoons in the marina.