Icey-Tek 18-Litre boat cooler review

This 18-litre boat cooler might be the smallest, lowest priced and most simplistic cool box in the Icey-Tek range but it actually makes a lot of sense...

Distributed in the UK by CoolBoxesUK, this passive (power-free) Australian boat cooler is designed to keep its contents frozen for up to two days and cold for up to ten.

It’s built using the same roto-moulded polyethylene techniques that are employed in the construction of boats from the likes of Pioner and Tehri so it also feels extremely robust.

It’s intelligently designed too, with non-slip rubber feet, an easy-drain threaded plug and tough TPU rubber-style latches to hold the thick gasketed lid firmly shut.

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At nearly 6kg, it’s distinctly weighty and the thin foam around the metal handle is quite soft, so carrying it long distance is definitely more comfy with a trolley. But its practicality is hard to ignore.

Built to operate as a portable seat with four integrated cup holders and a five-year warranty, this boat cooler is small enough to fit pretty much anywhere.

You can tuck it in the boot and then carry it to the boat. It’s great for the foredeck lounge, so you don’t have to head aft for cold drinks, and it’s equally user-friendly when you want to step off at the forepeak or head ashore by tender for a beach picnic.

In spite of its compact proportions, the Icey-Tek 18L will hold four (relatively short) bottles of wine or 18 standard 330ml cans, as well as the required cool packs and ice.

You can also split the cavity with an optional divider that doubles as a chopping board and you can lift your food above any meltwater with an optional drop-in cage.

And if the limited capacity is a problem, buying several Icey-Tek 18s might actually prove more practical than a single large boat cooler – they would be easier to store, you would have the benefit of extra portable seats, and by staggering their use, you wouldn’t have to compromise cooling performance by lifting lids until you needed to.

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On a compact day boat, where space, mobility, resilience and price are the chief drivers, it’s an oddly effective solution.


Capacity: 18L / 19QT
Weight: 6kg / 13.2lbs
Construction: Roto-moulded polyethylene
Warranty: 5 years

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