MeacoFan 650 review: Budget solution for boat air conditioning

If you baulk at the cost of installing air-conditioning on your boat for the three nights a year when you genuinely need it in the UK, this portable fan from Meaco could be the answer...

Designed to run on DC power for quieter operation, reduced running costs (less than 1p per hour) and a longer lifespan, the MeacoFan 650 has the added benefit of being able to plug into a standard 240V mains socket or a smaller 5V USB one.

I’ve been using one at home and on my boat (another benefit of it being portable) and can confirm that it delivers a pleasingly firm jet of air with remarkably low noise levels, especially on the lower speed settings.

A neat little disc-shaped remote control allows you to adjust the speed and oscillation without having to get up but also stows on a magnetic hub at the centre of the fan when you’re not using it to ensure you don’t lose it.

The MeacoFan 650 even has a built-in night light for use in a child’s bedroom or cabin and a timer if you don’t want to leave it running all night.

It doesn’t feel particularly robust or heavy duty (it weighs a modest 1.6kg) but it has survived being thrown around in the boot of my car several times and at the time of writing was being offered on the Meaco website with a free carry bag worth £17.99.

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Obviously it won’t have the same chilling power as a proper air-conditioning unit, but as a means of circulating air through the boat and the cooling effect this has on your skin, it’s a very cost effective alternative.

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