Sessa Marine Fly 40

If anyone can add excitement to the functional 40ft flybridge market, it's the Italian yard

If ever there was a segment of the market in need of a shot of barefaced excitement, the 40ft flybridge sector is it.

The simple fact is that most 40ft flys are just too damn good to be truly exciting. They are so finely honed, so perfectly proportioned to squeeze out every last ounce of cruiser. So while the interiors come packed with innovation and style the exterior design
is left to tow the line rather than set the tone. If anyone was going to break this stylistic conformity, it was probably going to be the Italians.

From the home of ‘form over function’ thinking, Sessa already has a reputation for daringly different design. It is also a comparative flybridge newcomer and so unburdened by years of convention, something its Fly 54 ably demonstrates – a boat that not so much stands out from the crowd as walks off muttering something about sheep…

With less GRP to play with, the Fly 40, inevitably, has less of the 54’s visual impact, but it still stands out.

Price excludes VAT.

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  • A stylish boat rather than a fashionable one, practical layout, excellent build quality, useful breadth of ability.


  • Quality and attention to detail slips a little in the enginebay.

Price as reviewed:



It’s neither a rule breaker nor a rule re-writer, but it is a boat that you’ll take real pleasure in owning, and one that you’ll find yourself pausing to take one last look at every time you leave it.


Displacement: 10.5 tons
Top Speed: 28 knots
Cabins: 2
Fuel Capacity: 196gal (890lt)
Beam: 12ft 7in (3.90m)
Cruising Speed: 24 knots
Water Capacity: 79gal (360lt)
Air Draught: 3ft 7in (1.10m)
RCD Category: B
Length Overall: 41ft 3in (12.60m)
Engines: Volvo Penta IPS400 – pod drive
Range: 628 miles

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