Sessa Marine Key Largo One

This Italian supermini goes long on style, but how does it hold up in the handling stakes?

There are a few things you know about this boat before you even get close. First off it’s clearly Italian. No other country can deliver so much colour, flair and style in such a simple package. Secondly it’s a boat you’ll love owning.

In keeping with its fun, affordable, Fiat 500 take on life, the Key Largo One comes in a range of gelcoat colours but at just under 19ft long the boat itself has a simple layout. There’s no cabin to worry about but as a base for spending fun days afloat it has got the lot.

We hit an easy 36 knots with a 115hp Yamaha, the biggest engine option, and 20 knots in a quick-fire seven seconds. A smaller engine would still deliver plenty of zip though and help keep the price sensible.


  • Overall score:


  • Eye-catching helm,
  • quality finish,
  • lots of fun


  • Poor protection for the aft bench seat

Price as reviewed:



The starter and sportsnoat market is buzzing right now and it may have a new queen bee.


Top Speed: 36.6 knots
Beam: 7ft 7in
Cruising Speed: 24.3 knots
Length Overall: 18ft 8in
Engines: 40hp to 115hp

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