Grandezza 39CA

Sleek, stylish, and with a new take on on-board layouts, this Finnish hardtop is set to shake things up

It’s summer and the sun is out, but Finland isn’t always this hospitable. “Four months ago people were driving cars along here,” says Martin Kortell, technical sales manager for Grandezza, pointing at the water ahead of us as we plane at 30 knots. For six months of the year Finland’s stunning Archipelago is in almost perpetual darkness and frozen solid, but in the summer it switches to constant daylight and turns into one of the most scenic boating areas in the world. If you go boating here you want to make the most of every sun-drenched minute, and that means having a boat that works on every level. But what we have here is not just your usual sensible north European cruiser, it’s one that is not afraid to do things a bit differently.




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