The Karnic 2760 has all the bases covered - a clean design, solid hull and 38 knots on tap. What's not to like?

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Overall score:70%


  • Delivers a very frugal fuel consumption


  • The standard spec should be better


Karnic Powerboats 2760


Price as reviewed:


Karnic started out in the early 1990s building great dayboats and
overnighters with the emphasis on good no-nonsense build quality and
hands-on action.

A near 40-knot
top speed is impressive but even better was how the hull handled this
power and speed. It preferred to stick to the water – making it easy to
control and putting in rail-like turns – rather than dancing about and
finding too much air.

Tested in August 2010


This 27ft Karnic has all the solid get-in-and-go attributes that make this manufacturer's boats so appealing. Erring on the side of the clean and lean means it isn't as plush and fussy as others in its size or price class, but then that's precisely what gives the 2760 its edge.


Displacement:3.0 tonnes
Top Speed:38 knots
Cabins:Two cabins
Fuel Capacity:V
Beam:9ft 6in (2.90m)
Cruising Speed:28 knots
Water Capacity:10gal (45lt)
Air Draught:2ft 11in (0.90m)
RCD Category:B
Length Overall:30ft 0in (9.15m)
Engines:Twin Volvo D3-160 diesels