Marino APB 27

Is this 'all-purpose boat' from Marino all the boat you'll ever need?

The first thing you notice about the APB 27 are its looks – they’re good.

Trying to be all things to all boaters might have resulted in a Frankenstein’s monster of bolt-on bits, but the APB’s ideas are wrapped up in a clean, curvaceous package.

The next clever bit is a wheelhouse which largely disappears at the touch of a button or two. With little fuss, the boat’s rear bulkhead slips under the cockpit sole, creating an almost open boat for those days when the sun’s out.

Another unusual addition is the broad foam ‘bumper’ that wraps around the gunwale. The furry finish might be viewed with suspicion but the hard, closed-cell foam is said to be very tough and durable.

Accommodation is comprised of a V-berth forward, and a couple of pipecot berths under the facing saloon seats.

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The helm seat provides room for the optional galley module, with a hob and fridge housed here, while the sink is found within the base of the port-hand seat.

The test boat came with the largest of the Volvo D4 sterndrive options rated to 300hp, which pushed it into the mid-30s.

The hull suffered the odd knock or two as we flicked it about, but on a straight-line run it gave a very comfortable ride.

Tested November 2009

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  • Overall score:


  • The rear moulding hinges over so that the cockpit becomes a huge one-level bathing platform


  • No seating on the foredeck

Price as reviewed:



The APB is awash with detail, but stripped of all its quirky functionality, it would still be a very useable – and cheaper – boat.


Displacement: 3 tonnes
Top Speed: 35 knots
Cabins: 1
Fuel Capacity: 64gal (290lt)
Beam: 9ft 6in (2.90m)
Water Capacity: 12gal (50lt)
RCD Category: C
Length Overall: 26ft 10in (8.20m)
Engines: single Volvo D4-300hp diesel
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