Regal 28 Express

Could the regal 28 Express be the bargain boat of the year?

Styling is by its very nature an entirely subjective concept, but the well regarded and spacious Regal
2565 was, and let’s be kind here, a little bit quirky. Its forward facing saloon window worked well from inside, but the external aesthetics left a little to be desired. While many felt it was a compromise worth making, there’s no doubt that others were less enamoured, and sales were lost as a result.

With its new Express Cruiser line-up, Regal has deliberately created a more conventionally styled sportscruiser that swaps the ‘step’ of that forward window for a smooth, sweeping foredeck and sharper, almost angular styling.

Large triangular hull windows still maintain the view out of the saloon while two semi-circular skylights augment the natural light from the foredeck hatch. Expensive looking details, such as stainless steel engine vents that match the stainless steel windscreen frame, help cement the impression that this is a quality item.

Price excludes VAT.


  • Overall score:


  • Great looks, spacious cabin, killer price.


  • Pram handle radar arch, tiny aft cleats.

Price as reviewed:



Exactly what the sportscruiser market needs, a high-quality cruiser offered at budget-boat money


Top Speed: 33 knots
Beam: 8ft 6in (2.6m)
Cruising Speed: 30 knots
Length Overall: 28ft 8in (8.7m)
Engines: MerCruiser 350 Magnum 300hp petrol Bravo 3 sterndrive

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