Motor Cruiser Sales Rhein 42SE

Can a Chinese-made, Irish-designed boat have mass appeal?

Here is a bit of riddle for you. What is built in China for an Irish company and takes the name of a major European river?

If all this sounds a little odd rest assured that the yard is well versed in building bigger – although difficult to imagine better craft – and that the company behind the whole thing is a successful distributor of Dutch makes like Zijlmans and Pedro.

Indeed it is because their customers wanted something akin to a steel boat in looks but with extra pace that Motor Cruiser Sales based on the Shannon decided to commission what amounts to a single-engined trawler yacht.

Does anything get lost in translation? You can find out in August’s edition of MBM.


  • Overall score:


  • Spacious, with a serious amount of well executed joinery.


  • Some keener pricing would not go amiss.

Price as reviewed:



Displacement: 13.5 tonne
Cabins: 2
Fuel Capacity: 350gal
Beam: 13ft 6in
Air Draught: 10ft 0in
RCD Category: B
Length Overall: 41ft 10in

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