Greenline 33 Hybrid

Is this the boat to change the world?

It’s almost unheard of for us to encounter a boat which genuinely has the power to shake up the boating market. The new Greenline 33 Hybrid has exactly that potential.

As well as ‘normal’ diesel engine propulsion, the coupe-like 33 has the ability to cruise along in almost complete silence using its electric motor/generator. Of course, the diesel option is faster (13.3 knots on test) but the electric motor pushed our prototype test boat at a perfectly respectable inland waterways cruising speed of 5.5 knots.

The 33’s eco and hybrid credentials don’t end there – there’s also the option of an interlinked solar roof which helps to charge the big lithium-polymer battery bank, and which can also (allegedly) generate enough power on the sunniest of days to waft the 33 along at a self-sustaining 3.5 knots.

Irrespective of its performance and its hybrid and eco credentials, what makes the Greenline stand out from the crowd is its remarkably competitive price. Here is a voluminous, practical coupe that can be bought (without all the hybrid paraphernalia) for as little as £79,900 ex VAT.

Adding the electric motor/generator that elevates the 33 to hybrid status adds £20,000 ex VAT, but even that version kicks off at a remarkably competitive £117,383 inc UK VAT. So, unique and good value for money – now there’s a novelty.


  • Value for money, near-silent electric running, generous headroom, hybrid power


  • Only one separate cabin, awkward machinery access, flimsy rear window

Price as reviewed:



Displacement: 4.8 tonnes light
Top Speed: 13.3 knots (diesel); 5.5 knots (electric)
Cabins: 1
Fuel Capacity: 95 imp gal (430 litres)
Beam: 11ft 5in (3.49m)
Cruising Speed: 7 knots (slow) 10 knots (fast)
Water Capacity: 66 imp gal (300 litres)
Air Draught: Approx 9ft (2.7m) MBY est
RCD Category: B (for 8 people)
Length Overall: 32ft 9in (9.99m)
Engines: Single 165hp VW diesel with optional hybrid electric motor
Range: 431 miles (diesel); 20nm (electric)
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